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TVRD - Tower VR Defense

The year is 2035. Humans are now able to upload their minds to the cloud and the difference between AI and humans is now nonexistent. In search for the next big leap in intelligence, and as a step in evolution, AI compete with each other to determine the fittest in a battle simulation known as TVRD.

In this game you play as a battle AI whose goal is to become the fittest of all. When the battle begins, each AI is given a tower to stand on. Your goal is to eliminate competing AI by shooting their towers and getting them to fall off.

Use your powers to attack your enemies' towers and throw them off balance, protect against attacks with force fields, or use your oculus to balance yourself. Try not to fall of your tower!

Go online and prove your worth against and show that you are the peak of evolution, or practice locally against turrents to increase your skills before a battle!

System Requirements

  • Windows
  • Oculus Rift
  • Leapmotion


As of the time of this writting, online matches don't work. But do not distress, support for online matches is coming soon.


Special Thanks


TVRD-1.0.2 59 MB

Install instructions

Unfortunately, online matches don't work on the Leap Jam version. If you want to play the latest version, check the description.


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what description?

do you plan on updating this?, its pretty fun

its cool